The Human Algorithm® Consultancy

The Human Algorithm Consultancy for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders


We provide a Private Health Service specialising in Emotional, Psychological and Behavioural Change.

We cater for people of all ages and backgrounds.

An area that we specialise in is Persistent Weight Problems and Eating Disorders.

My approach works with the true nature and structure of these problems; producing excellent long lasting results.

I deliver my Solutions through Problem Mastery Programmes that are individually tailored.

To find out about my Programmes and the best solution to weight control problems contact me today.

Tel: 07787 503646 and ask for David J. Sheridan

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The Best Solution for Persistent Weight Problems and Eating Disorders. 

Why You Need To Think Differently About Weight

Persistent Weight Problems are really part of a problem group called: Psycho-somatic and they required a different approach to that which is normally used.

Psycho-somatic weight problems are made up from more than one problem and they have a mixture of Physical, Emotional and Mental issues that come together to create Persistent Weight Problems.

My focus is that I want to bring a new Vision, a new Plan and a new Way of understanding and working with this type of problem.

I can now provide this through my consultancy.

The Books That I Have Written

I have written the following books and these are available from Amazon.

Books focused on successful weight control.

 Don't waste any more time living with a problem that you can now fix.