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The Human Algorithm Consultancy for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders


Creating More Effective 360° Solutions For Personal Weight Control Problems

My name is David J. Sheridan.

I have created a Consultancy that does something new and different for people with persistent weight problems and eating disorders.

Why have I done this?

Organisations like Weight Watchers and Slimming World help millions of people each month to lose weight.

They focus on weight loss and how someone can continue to eat all the foods that they have become used to eating; while still losing weight. They even sell their own packaged foods to allow dieters to do this.

Does this work or is it simply disguising the problem?

According to the World Health Organisation: More people are dying from weight related conditions; not less.

When I looked at the landscape for weight loss solutions and products I realised why.

These solutions only focus on one aspect of the weight problem, losing weight, and this approach can only alleviate or temporarily improve Persistent Weight Problems. They do not provide a long term fix and these solutions don't work with the whole problem.

We design and provide better Problem Capable Solutions for Persistent Weight Problems

Persistent Weight Problems are really part of a problem group called: Psycho-somatic and they required a different approach to that which is normally used.

Psycho-somatic weight problems are made up from more than one problem and they have a mixture of Physical, Emotional and Mental issues that come together to create Persistent Weight Problems.

My focus is that I want to bring a new Vision, a new Plan and a new Way of understanding and working with this type of problem.

Instead of providing a partial fix, what I wanted to do was to create a more effective 360° Problem Capable Solution.

It is this new 360° approach that I provide through my Consultancy.

Problem Mastery Programmes; A More Effective 360° Solution for Persistent Weight Problems

Problem Mastery Programmes focus on achieving Weight Control and not on weight loss.

I use the programme to teach someone new skills, new understandings of the things that they experience and how to achieve long term control of the problem.

Using the Weight Control Problem Mastery Programmes I work with the Physical, the Emotional and the Psychological aspects of the problem.

This is the 360°approach! 

Why you should use my Consultancy 

I have developed an original expertise for understanding and working with the architecture of problems where people are involved. This includes working with the Patterns, Structures and Systems of problems such as Persistent Weight Problems and Eating Disorders.

My approach looks to change the architecture of a Persistent Weight Problem so as to eliminate it.

I have written a number of books for weight control that are available on Amazon.

I own all the Intellectual Property created by The Human Algorithm® Project and I use all that work in my Consultancy.

I designed and developed the Problem Mastery Programmes.

I have a great deal of experience of working with people and helping them to resolve complex and difficult problems.

I provide a confidential service, of high quality at a reasonable price. 

Contact me, David J. Sheridan, on (44) 07787 503646 or Email: