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  • We create and provide Exceptional Solutions to difficult and complex problems. These Solutions are delivered through Genesis Programmes, Training, Experiential Workshops and Consultancy. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • Do you need a Performance Coach? We can provide a high quality, very experienced and reliable Performance Coach.
  • Specialist training and experiential workshops provider.
  • A brief description of My Best Friend, the solution for mature homeowners over 55. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
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  • Life Tuition is a service that we can provide using our knowledge, skills and experience derived from many projects and life experiences. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • Basic information on working with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, PTDS, Anger and other issues. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • We provide a high quality, reliable service to Businesses and Organisations. Contact us to see how we can help. We work inside and outside of the UK. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • We are professional problem solvers and managers. This means that we have the capability to help with Trouble Shooting in a wide range of situations. Call us to see how we can help. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • Here is an explanation of the Genesis Programmes that we have created using the work from The Human Algorithm Project. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
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  • These are our company contact details and you can contact Mr David Sheridan with them. Our company was established in September 2000 in the UK. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • We provide people with the opportunity to earn extra money and develop a second income stream by helping us with Marketing and Sales. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
  • Mr David John Sheridan is available for public speaking and for events and activities in the UK and outside of the UK. Please contact us with details of the event. www.Exceptional-Solutions.co.uk
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