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Sticky Training & Experiential Workshops

Training and learning is something that should challenge you at different levels. In the business environment Training and Learning are usually related to the operation and running of the business; but not always.

Often; especially in the 21st Century, Business success is as much about the People who work in and use the Business as it is about the structure, systems and processes that help with the running of the Business. To serve this process we can provide training that works across the whole business dynamic.

We like to make our Training relevant and we achieve this by Tailoring our Training to the Businesses needs and to the demands of the problem that is the focus of the Training.

Our Training is purposeful, focused, relevant and designed to leave a lasting impression on those that we work with; we call this "Sticky Learning"

We can deliver our Training and Workshops In-house or Off-site according to the needs of the client and the nature of the Training to be provided. It is not always advisable to undertake Training in the work place.

Our experience, knowledge and high level expertise has been achieve through working with some of the toughest problems, with some of the toughest circumstances and situations that anyone will normally face. We have done this not once but many, many times in the business world, in personal environments and with emotional, psychological and physical development. Our own and that of others.

We bring all these expensive to obtain experiences into our Training and Workshops. We favour working with Experiential Learning as this produces the best and most sustainable results. (Experiential Learning is simply learning by doing)

We deliver unconventional Training because we are experts in working with the unconventional. While other Training providers are floating on the tide we are swimming against the tide and looking at what is hidden below the water line. Where possible we like to spend some time working with Symptoms and the Causality of problems as this provides a better framework for understanding and managing challenges.

We have found that this approach often yields unexpected dividends because we introduce new thinking, new perspectives and new understandings. This helps to create stickability that prolongs the benefits of Training and Workshops. We also introduce tools that can be transferred across the work and personal environments and encourage the practice of "Transferable skill development". All of which are beneficial to a business.

When designing and providing Training we can bring our considerable experience and expertise in a number of different areas. We have skill sets that few people really have in today's world.

For example we are knowledgeable and experienced at working with:

Human Dynamics; Problem Dynamics; Problem and Solution Architecture; the Synergy of Processes, System and Structures that involve People; Crisis Management; Chaos Management; Problem Simplification; Innovations; Inventions; Solutions Design; Solutions Delivery and other high level expertise and experience.

Our Training and Workshops are designed to provide "Sticky Training"

Problem Simplification 

What is Problem Simplification and How do you do it? This is the simple focus of this Training. We prefer to work with active issues for the Business as this can produce additional benefits that can produce immediate results for the Business.

Chaos Management 

Many environments; personal, social, home and work are often and ongoingly Chaotic. Learn how to pick apart Chaos and to see the real patterns of Chaos for what they are: A set of circumstances showing you real problems, issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Learn not to fear Chaos but to recognise it and use it.

We prefer to work with active issues for the Business as this can produce additional benefits that can produce immediate results for the Business.

Being Resilient 

Emotional Resilience is a current hot topic. We find that few people really understand what Emotional Resilience is and few have been put into situations and circumstances where they have had to develop Emotional, Psychological and Physical Resilience. You don't learn this stuff from books but from the very hard knocks of personal and business experiences which if you can't survive them will destroy you.

We take all of our lessons from the school of hard knocks and use this to create a real understanding of Resilience and how this can be developed over time.

Other Subjects

We can provide Training and Workshops on other subjects on request.

Our focus is on delivering "Sticky Learning" and we use our work with The Human Algorithm® Project, Alcohol Addiction, working with Life debilitating problems, Problem Solving & Management and Martial Arts to inform our Training methods and material used.

Our Training and Workshops are normally limited to between 8 - 10 people.

David J. Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave the winner of 5 Olympic gold medals.

David J. Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave the winner of 5 Olympic gold medals

Genesis Programmes for Professionals

There is more stress and pressure in life today. Increasingly that is leading to life debilitating problems that are being experienced at home and at work.

Underlying these problems are Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development issues. Often the problem is complex, difficult and challenging.

We are experts at working with these types of problems and have created Genesis Programmes to work with issues such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and other debilitating conditions which develop their own paradigm structure to support the condition.


Genesis Programmes are provided in 1-year long modules. Each module has a maximum of 46 sessions. This allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the Problem to the Solution and beyond; with realistic time scales and the space for Experiential Learning. 

Someone with a complex and difficult Problem composition, can then undertake a Genesis Programme that works through their problem composition in a substantial way.

In reality; the most complex and difficult problems that score high on The Problem Scale™ may need to link two or more modules together. The modules are then dealt with at different levels to work with the different challenges over a longer period of time.

We provide serious solutions to problems that can be debilitating in both personal and professional environments and we take an holistic approach.

As a guide, in a Genesis Programme we will be dealing with:

  • The Problem, Health, Me! Relationship 
  • The Lifestyle Management System 
  • Understanding and using The Problem Scale™
  • Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway
  • The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform™
  • Using The Problem Scale™
  • The Relationship Management System 
  • The Emotional Management System 
  • The Psychological Management System and; 
  • The Behaviour Management System. 
  • Creating the Condition of Possibility
  • Creating Genesis Points
  • Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc. 

We work allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the person's progress, this allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge.

Access to a Genesis Programme is by informal interview; which is a chargeable service. ContactUs

To read more about the Genesis Programmes please click this link To see a short video about Genesis Programmes please click this link

We can design and provide Training and Workshops for any difficult, complex and challenging issue. Please speak to us about this.