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About the Author, Innovator, Designer, Developer & Inventor.  

Mr David John Sheridan is a Consultant, Philosopher and Tutor with a range of talents and skills.

Mr Sheridan is a talented and multi-skilled person who has spent many years understanding the fundamentals of different disciplines, social structures, financial management systems, business structures, personal interactions, human nature, innovation, social control and management, nature, theoretical thinking and understanding the true nature of things with a philosophical perspective. 

David is the leading global authority on The Human Algorithm® Project and it's Applications.

David has also spent many years developing new products, systems and solutions to problems as an independent developer and free thinker. This is in a self-funding environment without the support and protection of a larger organisation. 

David has worked with commodity markets, with consumer products and developed new products intended to break the commodity market dynamic. 

David became a therapist in the early 1990’s and spent a number of years working in the area of addictions and challenging behaviour with alcohol and drugs. At the same time he developed his own clinic working with long term weight problems, obesity and other issues. 

David has spent many years involved in martial arts and achieved a number of black belts in traditional weapon systems and taught and trained in martial arts for many years. 

Currently David is the author of 7 books.

David is the Creator and Developer of 3 major projects related to Human Behaviours and Human Activities. These projects can have a major impact on problems, issues and challenges affecting people in the world today and in the future.

For talks David can provide the following:

  1. About The Human Algorithm® and how we are looking to influence problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anger Management.
  2. About The Human Algorithm® Project and how we are looking to influence and work with the problems, issues and challenges that affect businesses, organisations and corporations.
  3. About The Human Algorithm® Project and how we are looking to influence and work with weight control and obesity issues worldwide.
  4. About The Human Algorithm® Project and how we are looking to influence and work with Strategic Lifestyle Management to improve people's quality of life.

David can speak authoritatively about a number of subjects including:

  • Solving Weight Control & The Obesity Issue 
  • Life Improvement & Lifestyle Management 
  • Innovation, Inventing, Developing, Designing Projects, Business Problem Solving. 
  • Developing The Human Algorithm® Common Platform 
  • Working with the Architecture of problem and solution structures.
  • Taking the discipline of Martial Arts into our business and personal activities.

David believes that one man can make a difference; albeit not in his own time or in his own country. 

David is a believer in positive thinking in a real context.  

To speak to David about an engagement or to send us details please use thislink: Contact David J. Sheridan 

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