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Do You Need A Performance Coach?

When it comes to improving performance there are many approaches. Some are real and can be applied and some are false. Choose the wrong one and you will not get what you want and need.

There is a question you should ask yourself before you engage a Performance Coach. Its the Why? question. Why are you really doing this?

Your Coach will need to know this and understand it.

David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

My name is David J. Sheridan and I am a Performance Coach. I have been doing this for over 30-years and I am a maverick.

I personally don't fit the standard templates that are applied to us all. As a result I have lived as an outsider; someone different from the norm.

Learning to live and be an outsider introduces you to life experiences that other people miss out on.

I have had many life experiences; both good and bad. I have had to pull myself up by my bootstraps, bootstraps and keep going with projects that everyone said could not work.

I say this because certain experiences build character. For a Performance Coach you need Character.

David J. Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave the winner of 5 Olympic gold medals.

Each Performance Coach will have an approach. I also have an approach that is based on my own project called The Human Algorithm® Project.

So I am a Human Algorithm® Performance coach who uses Experiential Learning. Why do I do it this way?

Experiential Learning is how we naturally learn all the good and the bad things that we do. It works at the level of awareness (Cognitive learning) and it works at the level of the subconscious (Non-cognitive learning). Using this process means that we can use the power of Nature to help us achieve a desired result.

The Human Algorithm® Project is about understanding people through understanding the Patterns and Structures of Human Behaviours, Actions and Activities. Through that understanding we can then see the Architecture of problems and see how compatible the Architecture of the solutions that are applied to them are.

The Human Algorithm® Approach allows us to work in an effective way with Emotions-Feelings, Psychology and Behaviour Development.

When all of these things are combined we have a comprehensive, insightful, powerful approach that can achieve positive results with difficult and complex challenges in different environments.

Being able to work in different environments is important because you will take yourself into different environments: Work, Home Life, Personal Life, Business Life, Professional Life, Secret Life. And you will want the Positive to cross boundaries rather than the Negative.

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