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Life Tuition as a service to adults and children.


With Life Tuition & Consultancy we help people to have better lives, be happier, be more productive and to develop better lifestyle management skills.

The work that we do is part of a new Field of study and a new Discipline which forms part of The Human Algorithm® Project.

We provide an individually tailored confidential service which is focused on achieving sustainable results.

Our services include: High Level Life Tuition, Strategic Lifestyle Management, Change of Life Direction, Personal Development and working with the different problems, issues and challenges that people experience. We are happy to look at any type of problem where Human Behaviours and Human Activities are present.

Our service covers the areas of Personal, Social, Work and Organisational Structures.

We also work with projects of different types using The Human Algorithm® Project and other proprietary material. The combination of Experience, Expertise, Skills, Knowledge and Talent means that we can provide a World Class service.

We are comfortable working with difficult, complex and delicate problems, issues and challenges; including ones that involve issues such as emotional and psychological distress; and hidden and unknown motivators.

When we work with complex and difficult things we try to make them as simple and easy to engage with as possible. While dealing with potentially complex and difficult things by breaking them down into more manageable processes and structures; that are designed to take the user to a desirable outcome, without compromising the journey that is necessary for experiential learning and establishing change.

The Engine That Drives Human Behaviours & Activities

As part of our work we have specialised in understanding and working with "The Engine" that drives Human Behaviours and Human Activities in personal, work, social and organisational structures.

Using our specialist knowledge and high level expertise we can influence and change how "The Engine" works and what it does. This then influences the problems, issues and challenges that the person experiences, the results that they can produce and the quality of life that they lead.

To help us to see and understand the engine that drives Human Behaviours and Activities, we invented and developed: The Confluence©™. We can use this and teach this to our Private Clients so that they can use this to understand and manage the engine that drives their own and other peoples behaviours and activities.

High Level Expertise

Because of our high level experience and expertise in working with problem and solution architecture, human dynamics, problem dynamics and other high level activities, we are well placed to provide high quality, high level Consultancy and a different perspective to any problems, issues and challenges where Human Behaviours and Human Activities are present.

Many people want to improve the quality of their lives; to be happier, to have less stress, to be less angry, to be more confident, to manage relationships in different ways. Other's want to overcome barriers that are preventing them from enjoying their Time and experiencing the life that they really want to live.

Many people are upwardly mobile and they want their children to be able to grasp the opportunities and experiences of life; if only they could overcome or manage that problem they face. Contact Us 

We Give You The Best

Whoever we are working with, we will use our experience and skill to help them with the problem, issue or challenge that they face in their personal, work or social life. At all times we provide the best service possible; excellence comes as standard.

Our service can be provided at locations to suit our clients and at their homes. We are happy to work in any country and tailor the engagement to the needs of the client.

We are not conventional tutors or consultants. Our principle is an extraordinary person, who provides the Life Tuition and Consultancy Service, brings a formidable amount of life experiences and skill sets to the process. If required we will bring in other experts to assist on a confidential basis.

Our principle is Mr David John Sheridan. Mr Sheridan is a Consultant, Philosopher and Tutor of Human Behaviours and Human Activities. He is currently the author of 7 books and the inventor, designer and developer of numerous projects related to Human Behaviours and Human Activities in personal, work and social situations.

These proprietary projects focus on new ways of understanding Human Behaviours and Human Activities; achieving new Insights and new ways of Managing and measuring problems, issues and challenges.

We are able to use the knowledge, tools, structures and experiences from the innovation, design and development of The Human Algorithm® Project for the benefit of our clients. This includes: The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform, The Human Algorithm® Common Platform, Weight Control The Hi-Way and various Applications.

Mr Sheridan will also use the material from his books and his private research and development work. Contact Us 

About our Extraordinary Principle: Author, Innovator, Designer, Developer & Inventor.  

Mr David John Sheridan is a talented and multi-skilled person who has spent many years understanding the fundamentals of different disciplines, social structures, financial management systems, business structures, personal interactions, martial arts, human nature, innovation, social control and management, nature, theoretical thinking and understanding the true nature of things with a philosophical perspective.

David is the leading global authority on The Human Algorithm® Project and it's Applications.

David has also spent many years developing new products, systems and solutions to problems as an independent developer and free thinker. This is in a self-funding environment without the support and protection of a larger organisation.

David has worked with commodity markets, with consumer products and developed new products intended to break the commodity market dynamic.

Additional Specialist Knowledge

To support these areas we have specialist knowledge and skills and can speak authoritatively about a number of subjects including but not limited to:

  • Developing The Human Algorithm® Common Platform.
  • Innovation, Inventing, Developing & Designing Projects, Business & Organisational Problem Solving.
  • Problem Simplification; redefining problem and solution structures.
  • Working with the Architecture of problem and solution structures; and designing Strategic Interventions.
  • Solving Weight Problems & the Obesity Issue. Working with type 2 Diabetes.
  • Life Improvement & Lifestyle Management. Personal Problem Solving & Problem Management.
  • Taking the discipline of Martial Arts into our business and personal activities.

We are happy to take a paid look at any problem in confidence and without obligation. In the first instance please contact us by phone or by email. Contact Us