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Genesis Programmes have been invented and developed as a result of work done by The Human Algorithm® Project.

The Human Algorithm® Project has the view, that for many people, their Brains do not have use of the right structures, skills and information; for their Minds to be able to understand, work with, process, manage and generally deal with what may be causing or contributing to what they feel and experience.

If there is missing information, missing structures, an inability to focus on the right things; if there is the belief that it wont really work this time but I hope that it might; then how do we introduce the missing pieces to the puzzle that can really make a difference to the Brain, the Mind and ultimately, the Person and the problems that they experience?

The delivery system to undertake this work has been created and developed over many years and is now ready for people to use. We call it The Genesis Programmes

Who Should Use A Genesis Programme

Genesis Programmes have been developed to deal with problems that occur in someone's Personal life and problems that occur in the Work environment.

In reality, work and home life become interwoven when difficult and life debilitating conditions occur. Stress at home can be released in the work environment and vice versa.

It is when challenging and difficult conditions have existed for some time that problems such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and an ongoing inability to cope with home and work challenges come to the fore and become visible to others.

For Business owners and Managers this may mean that they simply cannot manage to deal with many of the day to day demands that they face; this can put the Business at risk and affect areas such as profitability and productivity.

For Professionals this can severely impact their performance. Depending upon their status and their employer; they may face being managed out of the business. We can provide an alternative to managing an employee out of the business, who was previously an asset to the business; by helping them to deal with these problems in an effective way.

Most of the people who contact us about using a Genesis Programme are Individuals who want to address a problem or mixture of problems that are out of control and affecting different areas of their lives. They may have already tried to deal with the problems but have not been able to successfully do so.

In all cases we provide a Tailored Solution that can be delivered in the work place, off-site or at an agreed location that is suitable for this purpose.

How Do We Achieve and Maintain Change Over The Long Term?

People have a problem with achieving and maintaining change with their behaviours. Even when these behaviour changes are wanted and desired people still have problems with achieving and maintaining them. We can think of these problem structures as Paradigms that people want to change but can't.

People who have Depression, Stress, Anxiety and other personally debilitating conditions have the same problem; they have the problem Paradigm and they want to change this to the solution Paradigm.

The real question that everyone has is this:

How do they reach the place where real change becomes a possibility that can be turned into a reality?

The Human Algorithm® Project worked with this problem over the course of a number of years. Their goal was to create a new type of Solution that could be delivered through Programmes that have been designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" that people seek. This is the place where a Paradigm can be influenced and changed.

The Condition of Possibility is the place where it becomes possible for real and permanent change to occur.

This is the place that those with challenging Problems want to reach.

This is the place where Change that has previously been difficult or impossible to achieve; can begin to begin to occur.

These points of change are so special that we called them Genesis Points.

The Genesis Programmes that The Human Algorithm® Project created; are designed to help someone to achieve "The Condition of Possibility" and to then achieve and experience the "Genesis Points".

Through this process we help someone to improve, resolve and better manage any problem, issue or challenge where Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development would play a major role.

When we use a Genesis Programme it provides the structure, systems and processes required to understand the problem in a new way and to help the user to achieve and sustain positive outcomes.

A Genesis Programme provides an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work. The Ecosystem provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do.

This means we can work with the most complex and difficult of challenges. Click here to view The Genesis Programme video.

To read more about The Human Algorithm® Project click here 

The Genesis Programme Format

A Genesis Programme™ is provided in 1-year long modules. Each module has a maximum of 46 sessions.

Each Genesis Programme has an Appointed Programme Manager who provides guidance and personal assistance throughout the Programmes module.

In reality; the most complex and difficult problems, that score high on the Problem Scale™ will need to be worked with over time and in a stepped process.

To achieve this we simply link modules together and work at different levels across the modules. This format allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the problem to the solution with realistic time scales and with the space for Experiential Learning as they undertake their journey.

A Genesis Programme will normally include working with the following:

  • The Problem, Health, Me! Relationship 
  • The Lifestyle Management System 
  • Understanding and using The Problem Scale©™
  • Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway
  • The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform©™.
  • The Relationship Management System 
  • Using Triology©™
  • The Emotional Management System 
  • The Psychological Management System and; 
  • The Behaviour Management System. 
  • Bringing all the bits together and locking them in place.
  • Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc. 

Allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the client group allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge (it become difficult to fall back to previous behaviours).

We provide serious solutions to problems that can be debilitating in both personal and professional environments and we take a holistic approach.

The Genesis Programme is a world class programme that we exclusively provide. Please contact us about availability of the Genesis Programmes.

The Genesis Programme is suitable for both Adults and Children. Contact us to speak about your requirements. Contact Us 

Want to join a Genesis Programme? 

Entry to a Genesis Programme is by informal interview.

We do this because not everyone is going to be suitable and they may not be ready or able to undertake the Programme at that time.

Where this is the case other work and Programmes that form part of The Human Algorithm® Pathway may be suitable and can form a foundation that can be used later on.

The informal Programme Assessment Interviews are a chargeable service. Contact us for details.

The Genesis Programme has a price range that begins at £12,000 we can provide an accurate price after the Assessment Appointment.

We work in the UK and we are happy to look at opportunities to work in other countries.