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Don't hide problems that can be changed with The Human Algorithm Pathway

Problems like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Anger and the other problems, issues and challenges that adversely affect peoples' lives have been around for a long time. Over this long period of time solutions, remedies, products and services have developed and grown in an attempt to service this growing market.

Our view was that the problems were increasing, more people were suffering from them, the problems themselves were becoming more complex and difficult.

As we looked at the solutions and products that were being provided we realised that there was room for a different approach. We developed The Human Algorithm® Project and we used this project to develop a new approach; a new set of tools, systems and structures and we developed The Genesis Programmes.

What is a Genesis Programme?

A Genesis Programme has been designed and developed by experts in Problem Solving and Management.

Each Programme has been created using new inventions and innovations in Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development & Management that has been created by The Human Algorithm® Project.

Each Genesis Programme is carefully crafted to take the user on a journey from the problem to the solution and beyond. The objective with all programmes is to: Resolve - Improve - Better Manage the problem, issue or challenge that is the focus of the Programme.

Each Programme is tailored to meet the needs of individual users.

Why do we need Genesis Programmes?

There is a space where problems grow in size, complexity and difficulty.

This space is the nursery for problems such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger. It is where problems are created, nourished and developed; until they are capable of taking on a life and a form of their own.

What we do is we work with these problems, which are often complex; often have additional parts that no-one is paying attention too and often have relationships which people don't understand; and we help to make them better. We us The Genesis Programmes to do this.

With The Genesis Programmes we work with 3 simple goals in mind:

Improved - Resolved - Better Managed

We have yet to encounter a problem, issue or challenge that affects people; that cannot be Improved, Resolved or Better Managed.

Working with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Anger and other Personal Problems, Issues and Challenges

The Human Algorithm® Project has the view, that for many people, their Brains do not have use of the right structures, skills and information; for their Minds to be able to understand, work with, process, manage and generally deal with what may be causing or contributing to what they feel and experience.

If there is missing information, missing structures, an inability to focus on the right things; if there is the belief that it wont really work this time but I hope that it might; then how do we introduce the missing pieces to the puzzle that can really make a difference to the Brain, the Mind and ultimately, the Person and the problems that they experience?

Going all the way!

Genesis Programmes are provided in 1-year long modules. Each module has a maximum of 46 sessions. This allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the Problem to the Solution and beyond; with realistic time scales and the space for Experiential Learning. 

Someone with a complex and difficult Problem composition, can then undertake a Genesis Programme that works through their problem composition in a substantial way.

In reality; the most complex and difficult problems that score high on The Problem Scale™ may need to link two or more modules together. The modules are then dealt with at different levels to work with the different challenges over a longer period of time.

We provide serious solutions to problems that can be debilitating in both personal and professional environments and we take an holistic approach.

As a guide, in a Genesis Programme we will be dealing with:

  • The Problem, Health, Me! Relationship 
  • The Lifestyle Management System 
  • Understanding and using The Problem Scale™
  • Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway
  • The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform™
  • Using The Problem Scale™
  • The Relationship Management System 
  • The Emotional Management System 
  • The Psychological Management System and; 
  • The Behaviour Management System. 
  • Creating the Condition of Possibility
  • Creating Genesis Points
  • Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc. 

We work allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the person's progress, this allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge.

Applying for a Genesis Programme

Entry to a Genesis Programme is by informal interview.

We do this because not everyone is going to be suitable and they may not be ready or able to undertake a Genesis Programme at that time. Where this is the case other work and Programmes that form part of The Human Algorithm® Pathway may be suitable and can form a foundation that can be used later on.

Genesis Programme interviews are a chargeable service. Contact us to discuss. Contact Us


It's Not Therapy; It's Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management

We don't consider The Human Algorithm® Pathway or The Genesis Programme to be a Therapy. When used with individuals it is a Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management Process that can provide an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work.

The Human Algorithm® Ecosystem provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do.

Why is Understanding Problem Architecture Important? 

When we understand the Architecture of Problems; we can see that all problems are created by a blend of Human Algorithms®. This blend forms a malleable foundation stone of What people do and How and Why they do it.

The HAP Architecture can provide:

  • Emotional & Psychological Development & Management
  • Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management  
  • Problem Simplification  
  • Behaviour Development & Management  
  • Life Skills Development 
  • Business Skills Development 
  • Personal Development & Management 
  • Problem & Solution Matching 
  • Mind & Behaviour Development & Management
  • A Common Method of Communication and Comprehension; like Numeracy & Literacy 
  • Developing & Managing a new Skill Set 

All this means that If we can understand and change the blend of people's Human Algorithm's® and the blend of The Human Algorithm's® of the problem structures; then we can create real and sustainable improvements and change at both the level of the individual and at scale. Change that is resistant to recidivist behaviours. (It becomes more difficult to return to previous behaviours).

However; to do this most effectively we need to be able to get too and work with The Human Algorithm® Genesis Points.

Doing this is where the difficulties are and this is why so many Solutions have a low probability of achieving change that is sustainable over the medium to long term; when working with difficult and complex problems.

Our Solutions are designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" from which The Genesis Points come.

The Human Algorithm® Pathway and the Genesis Programmes can be used by Adults and Children across different problems, issues and challenges.

We provide a Private & Confidential Service - Please note: 

We work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. At times we also work with Celebrities and those in high and privileged positions.

We provide a Private & Confidential Service to high profile clients and to those in difficult situations. We do this with our normal clients as well but at times we have to take extra precautions and undertake more demanding work.

We can travel to meet clients in different countries and connect with them as they travel through the UK. Please mention that you are interested in our Private & Confidential Service when you contact us.

How to Contact Us

If you would like to find out about working with us and the use of The Human Algorithm® Pathway; please contact Mr David J. Sheridan by calling (44) 07787 503646

If you would like to become a client, we use an interview process. Please contact us to make a Assessment Appointment using our contact details.

Assessment Appointments are chargeable and we will tell you how much it will costs at the time of booking.

The Genesis Programme has a price range and we can provide an accurate price after the Assessment Appointment.

We work in the UK and we are happy to look at opportunities to work in other countries.