Our Exceptional Solutions provide high quality solutions that provide great value for money.

We provide Personal Development Programmes and Lifestyle Management Solutions that are bespoke and high quality. 

All the Solutions and Services that you can purchase through this site are Exceptional.

We develop and provide great solutions to difficult and complex problems. All of our solutions are bespoke and we can customise our solutions to provide what you need.

Our Solutions are all above average and have been designed to do more; provide greater value and to be more effective than their competitor solutions and services.

All of these Exceptional Solutions have been developed over a period of years and they have been created to; "Do what it says on the tin" These are high quality solutions that you can rely upon.

Professional Problem Manager, Mr David J. Sheridan is an expert at creating and developing solutions to problems that involve people. David says: Problems often evolve beyond the capability of conventional solutions, so our thinking also needs to evolve. To design and provide Solutions that are more effective we need to introduce new thinking that looks to the future and not to the past; we are expert at this.

The solutions we provide have been created by Mr Sheridan working with The Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd and The Human Algorithm® Project using their specialist work on The Human Algorithm®, Problem Dynamics, Human Dynamics and understanding Problem and Solutions Architectures. This process produces robust solutions that are more effective and reliable for our customers.


David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

David J. Sheridan in a the finals of a business competition at the Swiss Embassy London

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My Best Friend for retired homeowners who want a better quality of life.

Created for retired homeowners; My Best Friend is the ultimate way to safeguard and control future events. Only available in England.

Click here to view the My Best Friend video. This solution is "Highly recommended by over 200 current users" 

All Home owners should read this. The Dementia Tax please click here to find out more.  

Change your life with Life Customisation from The David Sheridan Clinic.

At The David Sheridan Clinic we use our knowledge of Human Algorithm's® to help people to successfully Improve and Change their lives and to live the lives that they really want to live.

We offer a unique Life Customisation Service. Please contact us for details.

We work with problems and challenges which are difficult and complex. We use our work with Human Algorithm® to influence and change someone's problem Architecture; producing sustainable results. We can provide a mobile clinic service; contact us for details.

You can talk to us "Free" about issues of concern! Contact Us.  Click here to view the Genesis Programmes video.  

Genesis Programmes for weight control. Provided by The David Sheridan Clinic.

Click here to view the Genesis Programme video for weight and obesity issues.

Never Diet Again!

Weight problems have been a problem of interest to us for a long time. This is why we spent so long understanding it and designing a new type of solution that goes much further than simply dieting. If you finally want to see your weight problem in the rear view mirror and develop the life you really want; then contact us today.

This is the First real new approach to Weight problems that works with the whole problem structure from Obesity to Bulimia.

Our work applies to people and what people do in many different situations and circumstances. The specialist work of The Human Algorithm® Project can be applied to improving Business and Organisational Structures. If you have ongoing and difficult problems and you want help to fix them; then give us a call.

We bring a different perspective and new thinking.

Please contact us to discuss any project in the UK or outside of the UK. Contact Details You can also contact me, David J. Sheridan, direct: (44) 07787 503646 to discuss any issues of concern.

We own all the Intellectual Property Rights; Licensing Rights; Training Right, Authorisation Rights, Copyright and the Rights to the Product of all of our work.

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These Exceptional Solutions are Exclusive to us and are provided as high quality premium solutions.