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  • We bring a unique range of skills, experiences, knowledge and expertise that helps our clients. We work with The Human Algorithm® Project. This is helping to find the keys to the locks that hold human behaviours and human activities in place; and helping to find the Maps to the Secrets that we need to find and achieve better outcomes. As it is in the individual lives of people so it also is in business and organisational structures; there are puzzles to solve and obsticles to overcome. We can help with the business and organisational activities and the performances of the people who work in and use those structures. As part of The Human Algorithm® Project we have invented and developed The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform for working with Human Behaviours and Human Activities on a global basis. Now we are working with businesses and organisations to integrate our work in their business structures to improve and develop their business activities further. www.DavidSheridan.co.uk
  • Mr David John Sheridan is available for public speaking and for motivational speaking. He is also available for events and activities in the UK and outside of the UK. Please contact us with details of the event. www.DavidSheridan.co.uk
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  • These are our company contact details and you can contact Mr David Sheridan with them. Our company was established in September 2000 in the UK. www.DavidSheridan.co.uk
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