David J. Sheridan for forward thinking and innovative solutions.

David J. Sheridan has lived as an Inventor, Innovator, Philosopher, Author, Consultant, Tutor, Builder, Martial Artist and Entrepreneur.

Known as "The Quiet Genius" to those who know him well; David has spent much of his life looking to understand the true Nature and Architecture of things; so as to improve and change people and the world on which we all live. 

Much of David's work has been involved with scientifically understanding the patterns and structures of Human Behaviours, Activities and Actions and their affects on complex and difficult problems.

David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London
David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

The idea is that by understanding how these things are really working, we can then re-think and re-imagine how we understand problems and the solutions that are applied to them. This process can then lead us to new understandings and give us the ability to develop and apply new and better types of solutions.

This includes working with problems that develop to scale and which can have a very large impact across many different sectors; such as Health, Industry and Social Structures. By influencing problems at scale we can begin to influence the management and performance of our social, work and organisational structures.

In reality; this work is focused on inventing and developing Mind & Behaviour Development Platforms.

The Experience, Knowledge and Skills that David has developed over many years is now available through the different Projects; which provide: Consultancy, Licensing, Implementation, Facilitation, Programmes, Workshops, Training and Joint Ventures; in and outside of the UK.

David is also available for Public Speaking and Motivational Speaking.

Listed below are brief descriptions of David's projects and links to these projects.

David is looking for opportunities and welcomes inquiries. Please contact David using these details. 

David J. Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave winner of 5 Olympic gold medals.
David J. Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave winner of 5 Olympic gold medals


David's Projects

The Human Algorithm® Project - Mind & Behaviour Development Platforms

How do we turn the tide of large scale problems; such as Weight, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, P.T.S.D?

The reality is that we need to find another way of understanding, influencing and working with these types of challenges.

With so many problems around, David thought that he needed to take a different approach to that, that others were taking. David chose to focus on creating: The Condition of Possibility.

When "The Condition of Possibility" exist you can influence and change things in unexpected ways, to achieve new outcomes and create new possibilities which leads on to new solutions and different outcomes.

This approach lead David to develop a new type of Common Platform that he has called: The Confluence™.

The Confluence™ introduces a new structure that works with Human Behaviours, Activities and Actions in different ways and at different scales.

This work can be introduced to children and adults as part of an education/training process and as part of an Application focused on a problem or challenge.

David welcomes inquiries and is happy to discuss different applications for this scientific system. Contact Us

Read more on The Human Algorithm® Project website: www.TheHumanAlgorith.co.uk 

The Conflluence helps to reveal Human Behaviours and Activities.

We use the work from The Human Algorithm® Project to add a new dimension and focus that can assist those involved with Business and Organisational Structures to achieve more.

Applications of our Mind & Behaviour Development Platforms include:

Executive Solutions: Helping people in Executive and Management roles with personal and organisational challenges.

Creating a Healthy Business and Organisation Culture: It is becoming more important that Businesses and Organisations create healthy cultures, that also promote healthy personal cultures. This process benefits Businesses and Organisations because it helps to improve how they work, increases productivity, creates a better working environment and impacts costs and profitability. This is difficult work that plays to our strengths.

Consultancy: Our work enables us to bring a different perspective, attitude, skill set and range of experiences to the Consultancy process where people are involved. 

Business & Organisational Dynamics: Our platform enables us to combine Business and Organisational development objectives with the Business and Organisational Dynamics and combine this with the Training, Workshops, Consultancy and Implementation required to point these in the same direction. 

Working at Scale and at the level of the Individual: Globally there are growing challenges with problems that cross over the Personal, Social and Work domains. This includes Stress, Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Drugs & Alcohol. Along with other Personally experienced problems, these impact Social and Work environments and impact areas such as Quality Control, Productivity, Attendance, Profitability and Growth. Our platforms provide a flexible structure that can respond to multiple needs. 

Problem Management, Crisis Management & Problem Simplification: Our skill set and experience includes high level knowledge and experience of understanding and dealing with a range of very challenging issues. We bring our work into this process and use our platform and system to work with these types of issues. 

David J. Sheridan: People are the real machinery of life; we need to help them be the best that they can be!

People are the real machinery of Organisations and Businesses

In our Training approach we are working with creating: "The Condition of Possibility" to help people to see the possibility of new outcomes and develop new solution.

To speak to David please use these details: Contact David

Global Weight Control - A Mind & Behaviour Development Platform

We wanted to find a new scientific system to work with and fix Weight, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Management problems.

To understand this challenge in a new way, David decided to begin from an unusual position.

David said: Normally people have a diet, diet product or service; such as an exercise programme, that they want to sell to people with weight problems. They then focus on how they will sell it. Let's not do that!

Instead; lets work from a different starting position:

How would we go about understanding and fixing these problems, if our objective was purely to understand the real problems, issues and challenges; and then improve, resolve and better manage them over the medium to long term; in a measurable and repeatable way?

This was the starting point for David's work with this growing problem. Taking this starting point allows this area to be viewed differently and David was able to begin to construct a different type of solution: A new and different way of seeing, understanding and managing weight and dietary problems.

David said: I was interested in creating: "The Condition of Possibility". The process through which new, unexpected and unexplainable improvements and changes can occur. This is what this challenge needs.

We use the work from The Human Algorithm® Project to provide a new type of Common Platform that can be used across the spectrum of Weight, Obesity, Bulimia and Anorexia.

Our Approach introduces a new structure that provides a new way of understanding and working with weight/dietary problems and the solutions which are normally applied to them.

This work is suitable for children and adults.

Read more about David's work in the area at: www.GlobalWeightControl.com 

Unhappy Millionaires

There are now more Millionaires and Billionaires in the world than there have ever been. More and more of these wealthy people are finding that money does not bring them the real happiness and contentment that they would like.

David now provides a service to those with wealth to help them improve and change their lives. This may be in their personal, work, social or organisational structures.

Our wealthy clients are provided with a Tailored Mind & Behaviour Platform and a Personal Programme Director to help them achieve their objective.

Rather than repeat what others have already done; David began working in the areas that others who help people were avoiding.

The simple logic behind this approach is:

If we can deal with the complex and difficult things which other people are avoiding; then we can deal with the simple problems as well. It does not work the other way around.

David's approach is based on helping people to increase their Literacy of Human Behaviours and Human Activities and creating the situation where: "The Condition of Possibility" exist.

By increasing people's Literacy of the Patterns & Structures of Human Behaviours & Human Activities; David can help them to change and modify their Behaviours and Activities to achieve better results that can be sustained.

To speak to David about this, please contact him using these details 

Sheridan Publishing

To date; David has written 7 books. These have all been available to purchase through Amazon.

As the number of books that David has written have increased, it has become appropriate for David to take control of Publishing, Copyright and the Intellectual Property Rights.

These books are still available from Amazon with Sheridan Publishing being named as Publisher rather than Amazon. Amazon fulfills our printing and distribution.

The books that David has written supports his work with The Human Algorithm® Project and the Applications of that work.

David is interested in his work being used in other countries and in his books being translated into other languages.

For example:

A new approach to understanding and working with Weight, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Management by David J. Sheridan.

Please contact David if you are interested in his books, interested in distribution rights, interested in translating these books into other languages for distribution: Contact David 

The My Best Friend Solution - A Strategic Lifestyle Management Solutions™ for People over 55

Life can become very difficult and challenging for people as they become older in the UK.

After spending a number of years looking into this area and the solutions that were being provided; David decided that it would be appropriate for a new type of solution to be offered to older people with wealth and homes that they owned.

David's solution takes a broader and more long term approach to helping people to manage aspects of Lifestyle, Wealth, Health and Well-being within a single solution.

Once again David is using the principle of creating: The Condition of Possibility.

This allowed David to create a new type of structure that facilitates flexibility. control, certainty and support; this solution is currently exclusively available from Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

To speak to us about this please use: These details 

Physical Project Development

David is interested in working with real world physical items from the position of Invention, Innovation, Design and Development.

David's projects include:

Working in the field of Electrical Equipment looking to introduce a new type of plug and socket with multiple additional applications in the areas of fire safety and security. The concept was to introduce a globally applicable solution.

Working in the area of Bakeware. Creating a new type of product that deals with one of the major problems that Bakeware has. David's innovation and design provided a new type of product that was capable of moving into the gift market globally.

The work that David is interested in includes: Concept Development, Simplification, Overcoming problems and various other problems, issues and challenges that are involved with this area.

Please contact David to discuss.

Contact Us

Please use this link to see our contact details. Contact Us

Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd works with The Human Algorithm Project to create new solutions.

The Human Algorithm® Project and other projects shown have been invented, innovated, designed and developed by Mr David J. Sheridan and the Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

All Intellectual Property Rights & Applications are Reserved ©®™.

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