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Corporate Archetypes

Archetype Structures shape, control and influence the world. These are the structures, relationships, connections, processes and systems which we follow; but often fail to even see or understand.

All Archetypes have an architecture that responds to strategic influences. Understand this and you have an opportunity to reveal that architecture, unlock its secrets and influence what it does.

Why It All Goes Wrong!

Unless Archetype Structures are positively and correctly managed, they have a natural tendency to move to default positions. If we are looking at a business, then those default positions are often below the standards that the business itself requires in order to produce the results that the business owners want.

And if the business has been around for a while, what will have happened is that the people begin to serve the business structures; instead of the business structures serving the business purpose.

In reality a business is a series of building blocks that fit together to create a structure with a defined purpose, methodology and processes; aimed at longevity of turnover and profitability commensurate with the goals of the owners of the business.
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Eventually the Archetypes in Corporations always take over; and their people, often unknowingly, begin to serve the Archetype Structures that controls or influences their part of the Corporate world; regardless of whether they are Positive or Negative in nature. This begins a slow decline!

Once the Archetype takes over; trying to correct problems, introduce improvements, increase profitability, increase efficiency and many other positive and beneficial outcomes are overwhelmed by the various Archetypal Structures that have developed. Think of Corporate Cultures.

What are the real costs of this each year?

If this was measured in Corporate failures; Product failures; Marketing failures; Business failures; Project failures and Missed Opportunities, then the costs is immeasurable!

Revealing The Structure Of Archetypes And Unlocking The Code

When an activity, a problem, issue or challenge gets to a certain size, complexity and participation level; it begins to take on an Archetype structure.

An Archetype structure always evolves and continues to evolve. It is this evolutionary nature of Archetype structures that can be used to change, modify and influence them and the activities of the people connected to them.

Once we have this understanding of Archetypes we can begin a process of influencing them and the people. 

Large corporations look for undiscovered Archetypes in market sectors when they are focusing on marketing a new product or trying to revitalise an existing one. Having this knowledge gives them a competitive advantage.

What they often fail to see is that they have their own Archetypes in their Corporate activities and structures: The divisions of their businesses; Marketing and Sales departments; their problem solving processes; the ways that they Innovate and accept new ideas; in their Design departments; their Accounting and Management Structure and their hiring practices.

And if they could understand and influence these, then they could unlock their true potential and they could control the problem conduits that develop in all large structures that involve people.

In addition to working with negative aspects; having an understanding of the dynamics of Archetypes allows you to then begin a process of exerting Positive Influences. This allows you to begin working with things like Corporate Philosophies, Product Philosophies and other esoteric aspects that people can find difficult to understand but which can prove crucial in positive development and longevity.

Growth And Development Requires Archetypes

It would be a mistake to think that Negative Focused Archetypes are a problem only for organisations, such as Government and the Military. New businesses such as Google, Facebook, Amazon; and inspirational companies like Apple are not immune to the effects of Archetype Structures and will already have established many. Apples’ own history shows what happens when the wrong Archetypal Structures become established in a business.

The reality is that their Corporate designs; operational practices; their openness to new ideas initiated outside of their own business; their business models; share ownership structures; funding structures; and development plans, are all areas which have conformity attached to them and Archetypal Structures that ultimately lead to the failure of parts of the structure; and eventually the demise of the structure.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Move against the Archetypical conventional approach when that approach fails to serve you. Success is often achieved by doing something different from what everyone else is doing and it is often achieved in an incremental fashion. Because of this you do need to be aiming in the right direction and not in the wrong direction. 


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