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Problem Conduits

Problem Conduits develop within all societies and organisations which reach a certain size.

Problem Conduits have existed for as long as people have come together in groups and began living co-operatively.

To put it simply; a Problem Conduit is a problem with a theme, outcome, effect or process that exist directly or indirectly with everyone who is touched by that problem.

Problem conduits are often problems which develop to have scale.

Examples of Problem Conduits would be:

  • Weight Control Problems. 
  • Depression. 
  • An organisational management process or corporate culture that is harming the business. 
  • People management in Social Structures. 
  • A large corporation that is struggling with productivity and profitability. 

We have been working with Problem Conduits for many years.

Influencing Problem Conduits

Our approach for Problem Conduits is that by applying a System that we developed called: The Hi Common Platform.

Using this Platform we can begin to strategically influence the chaotic nature of the problem; and create synergies within the Problem Conduit that are easier to manage and control than the problem itself. And then we can begin to align those synergies into a synergistic approach to better understanding, managing, controlling and resolving the various components of the Problem Conduit. Then, over time, we can evolve the nature of the problem to a more desirable state.

The Hi Common Platform provides a simple way of being able to monitor, record and control both the problem conduit and the people involved with the problem conduit. It does this by having all parties use the Hi Common Platform. This in itself facilitates Problem Simplification.

Working with Problem Conduits may involve the development and provision of a Problem Management Platform with Strategic capabilities. Speak to us about a project!

Working Across Different Environments And Structures

By introducing the Hi Common Platform into different environments we can impact areas that impede profitability, seek to reduce management time spent on unnecessary functions, reduce miscommunication's and help to focus the corporate culture into the right direction for the business purpose. For example:

From a business and organisational perspective it is about how to get the best out of the Human Capital that exist, while minimizing problems and achieving more positive outcomes.

From a Public Services perspective it is about being able to better manage the organisational structures and the people involved with those structures. It is about being able to better manage Problem Conduits and the people and problems that form those Problem Conduits, for example; Health Services, Social Services and Environmental Services.

From the perspective of the individual it is about understanding themselves better, so as to have better quality lives; and be able to better manage the problems and challenges of life; in personal, professional and organisational structures.

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