Actualisation changes and improves lives.

My name is David J. Sheridan and I am a Professional Problem Solver & Manager.

Not many people really understand what I and my company does so I will outline it.

We look for new ways to understand problems which connect to or involves People; and through that understanding we invent, innovate, design and develop new solutions and applications to work with those problems. We don't seek to replicate what already exist; we seek to work with problems that don't have effective solutions and where those problems are increasing in number, size and complexity. This allows us to redefine solutions and to create new type of solutions that can improve, resolve or better manage problems. 

The reality is that we work in a unique space in the Problem and Solution Landscape. A space that most people avoid, don't know about and pretend doesn't exist. This space is where the too difficult to fix problems live.

This unique space is full of complex problems, difficult challenges, impossible relationships, confusion and all the really difficult and challenging bits of Life, Work, Personal interactions, Business activities, Organisational and Government challenges.

This space is where the problems that grow in size, complexity and difficulty are created, nourished and developed; until they are capable of taking on a life and a form of their own.

This space is the nursery for problems such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Weight Problems and Obesity Issues.

This space is also the nursery for Business and Organisational problems such as Productivity, Profitability, Production, Sales and other issues which cause businesses to falter and to fail. 

What we do is we work with these problems, which are often complex; often have additional parts that no-one is paying attention too and often have relationships which people don't understand; and we seek to make them better.

To achieve this we developed The Human Algorithm® Project to create new ways of understanding and working with complex and difficult problems and to create new types of solutions to work with complex and difficult problems. Our objective is to work with mid to long term goals in mind and not short term objectives which many solutions and training programmes focus on.

It has taken over 20-years of work to do this and we now have a new range of world class solutions that we can provide direct and through Licensing, Training and Joint ventures.

An example of this is The Genesis Programme for Weight and Obesity issues, see   and The Genesis Programmes for Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and other issues that destroy peoples lives. To find out about The Genesis Programmes contact us. Contact Us

When we work with people, businesses and organisations we work with 3 simple goals in mind:

Improved - Resolved - Better Managed

We have yet to encounter a problem, issue or challenge that affects personal, work, social, business, organisational or industrial structures; that cannot be Improved, Resolved or Better Managed.

The work that we  do and the solutions that we create can be applied across personal problems, work challenges, social situations and organisational structures, systems and processes; in any industry or domain where there is any form of Human involvement. This makes our work and our solutions very flexible and applicable across many different areas.

When a problem connects with People and it has Human involvement; this means that The Human Algorithm® is going to be involved. This is our area of expertise!

Why is The Human Algorithm® Pathway different?

We can think of many different solutions and approaches that are applied to the problems that People have with Behaviours, Activities and Actions; in their Personal, Social, Work and Organisational activities. These include:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); Consultancy; Counseling; Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Psychotherapy; Wellness; Hypnotherapy; Emotional Intelligence (Ei); Meditation; Recreational Drugs; Self Medication with alcohol; Acupuncture; Massage; Aromatherapy and the hundreds of other solutions and remedies that people and organisations use.

If we ask the question: What are each of these different approaches trying to do?

They are interested in How and Why the Human is living, working, socialising and managing in the ways that they are; and how this can be influenced, changed and improved.

What they are all trying to influence (whether they know it or not) is the building blocks of it all: The different component parts that create the driving forces that helps to create and maintain problems and solutions.

All solutions and approaches are trying to understand, influence, change and control; How people are comprehending, interpreting, processing, undertaking, managing, improving and resolving; the How, Why, Where and When, related to Behaviours; Reactions and Responses to their Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings and Psychology.

We could call this: The Genesis Point. The place from which new and different behaviours, actions and activities can come. The point at which all problems begin to change and have the potential to become something else.

This is where we are different. We understand the Genesis Point and what is required to create the structure, system and processes to achieve and use it. We also understand how to help people to manage their journey to the Genesis Point and their journey from the Genesis Point into new behaviours, activities and actions. We use our Genesis Programmes to do this.

We don't consider The Human Algorithm® Pathway to be a Therapy. When used with individuals it is a Strategic Lifestyle Management Process that can provide an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work. The Human Algorithm® Ecosystem  provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do. 

When we use a Genesis Programme it provides the structure, systems and processes required to understand the problem in a new way and to help the user to achieve and sustain positive outcomes. 

Why does Problem Architecture matter?

When we understand the Architecture of Problems; we can see that all problems are created by a blend of Human Algorithms®. This blend forms a malleable foundation stone of What people do and How and Why they do it.

The HAP Architecture has been designed to provide:

  • Emotional & Psychological Development & Management
  • Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management  
  • Problem Simplification  
  • Behaviour Development & Management  
  • Life Skills Development 
  • Business Skills Development 
  • Personal Development & Management 
  • Problem & Solution Matching 
  • Mind & Behaviour Development & Management
  • A Common Method of Communication and Comprehension; like Numeracy & Literacy 
  • Developing & Managing a new Skill Set 

By understanding Problem and Solution Architecture we can understand and change the blend of people's Human Algorithm's® and the blend of The Human Algorithm's® of the problem structures; then we can create real and sustainable improvements and change at both the level of the individual and at scale. Change that is resistant to recidivist behaviours.

However; to do this most effectively we need to be able to get too and work with The Human Algorithm® Genesis Points.

Doing this is where the difficulties are and this is why so many Solutions have a low probability of achieving change that is sustainable over the medium to long term.

Our Solutions are designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" from which The Genesis Points come.

The Human Algorithm® Pathway and our Genesis Programmes can be used by Adults and Children across different problems, issues and challenges. Contact Us

Creating New Types of Solutions with The Human Algorithm® Project

For many years, my focus has been on achieving a more complete understanding of problems, that are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to fix. To achieve this I had to work in new places in the Problem & Solution Landscape; and look to find what was missing from our current understanding of problems and the solutions that are applied to them.

What I found is that an increasing number of solutions are focused on the easy parts of problems; and they ignore the difficult and complex parts. These difficult and complex parts are usually what feeds the creation of the problems and helps them to grow and develop - we can call this: The Causality of the Symptoms.

In reality; what is happening is that more and more solutions are focused on managing the obvious Symptoms; they do not seek to understand or address the real Causality because it is usually complex and difficult to do. This creates a dark and growing void between Causality and Symptoms.

In many instances, the people who provide solutions are unaware of the Causality - Symptoms - Solutions relationship and they take things at face value. This in turn leads to a more simplistic understanding of problems and more simplistic solutions being applied.

In reality; an increasing number of Solutions are focused on dealing with Symptoms; without regard to what created those Symptoms.

It's like trying to remove a tree by cutting off the top of a tree and leaving all the branches and roots intact; the top can still grow back!

The way that many solutions work, means that the systems and structures that lead too the creation and development of the  problem, remains intact; and they work against change.

I wanted to find a new way of understanding and working with the dark void that was created by the complex and difficult things that other people were ignoring.

By working with Causality and the Symptoms they produce in the right ways; we can truly begin to improve and resolve complex and difficult problems, issues and challenges.

We can then take this knowledge and use it to create and provide Exceptional Solutions.

Our solutions can be designed to work across the Problem Conduit: they can work with a problem type; the community of people who experience it; those who live with it and those who work with those who do - This can produce an end to end solution that can compliment and help to leverage other solutions.  Contact Us

Inclusive: Working with any other Positive Approach that seeks to Help People and Organisations 

The Human Algorithm® Project has developed an Inclusive Approach, so as to be able to work with and support any other positive approach to working with people, organisations, systems, structures and processes.

Our work showed us that many applied solutions, across the personal, social, work and organisational domains; were often misconfigured, mis-timed, badly structured or simply ineffective.

Our objective is to use our Pathway to help to improve solutions, better configure them and to design new types of solutions.

By being Inclusive we can leverage the effectiveness of other solutions and make better use of the resources that are available.

We also designed our Pathway to provide a common method of measuring and matching problem and solution architectures; so as to increase the probability of achieving successful outcomes. Contact Us 

The Human Algorithm® for Organisations, Systems, Structures and Processes

Because we can work with Human Behaviours in different domains, we can take the underlying Architecture of our approach into the domains of Industry, Business, Organisations, Health, Welfare, Military and Social.

After all; all of these have been created by Humans' for the use and benefit of other Humans'.

In the same way that people can conflict; the Organisations, Systems, Structures and Process that people develop and use, can also conflict.

Conflict within Systems, Structures and Processes also applies to people working together. Whether its a group of people, teams, departments or units.

Wherever people are and whatever people are doing; The Human Algorithm® is at play and it is influencing and controlling bad behaviour, good behaviour and great behaviour.

So if you want to influence and change these, then how much better could your money be spent than by taking account of the influence and control of The Human Algorithm® and how it is influencing the performance and output of the Organisations, Systems, Structures and Processes that you rely upon and use. Contact Us 

Applications for The Human Algorithm® Pathway as a Service

Our service is delivered through Consultancy; Programmes; Training; Implementation; Support; Licensing and Joint Ventures. We can also provide Public Speaking and Motivational Speaking.

Our focus is on delivering a service focused on medium to long term benefits. This can produce short term gains as a by-product. Focusing on short term gains rarely produces medium to long term sustainable benefits. 

Applications of The Human Algorithm® Pathway include:

Working at Scale and at the level of the Individual: Globally there are growing challenges with problems that cross over the Personal, Social and Work domains. This includes Stress, Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Drugs & Alcohol. Along with other Personally experienced problems, these impact Social and Work environments and impact areas such as Quality Control, Productivity, Attendance, Profitability and Growth. Our Pathway works with all these issues and more.

We don't consider The Human Algorithm® Pathway to be a Therapy. When used with individuals it is a Strategic Lifestyle Management Process that can provide an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work. The Human Algorithm® Ecosystem  provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do.

Weight, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes Management: We have a new type of platform for understanding and working with weight and dietary problems and the solutions that are normally applied to them.

Consultancy: Our work enables us to bring a different perspective, attitude, skill set and range of experiences to the Consultancy process where people are involved.

Executive Solutions: Helping people in Executive and Management roles with personal and organisational challenges.

Business & Organisational Dynamics: Our platform enables us to combine Business and Organisational development objectives with the Business and Organisational Dynamics and combine this with the Training, Workshops, Consultancy and Implementation required to point these in the same direction.

Problem Management, Crisis Management & Problem Simplification: Our skill set and experience includes high level knowledge and experience of understanding and dealing with a range of very challenging issues. We bring our work into this process and use our platform and system to work with these types of issues.

Supporting the HR Function: HR Departments, Managers and Executives have to deal with problems that are caused by Human Activities, Actions and Behaviours. There is a point where a problem moves from being something simple and straightforward to something complex and more challenging. At those times we may need to have specialised help.

The Human Algorithm® Project can provide specialist help with understanding and managing problems, issues and challenges which involve people, when they become more complex and difficult. We are experienced at working with Causality and Symptoms and we can help to end repetitive problems. 

Check out: -  Contact Us

We Can Help Others To Learn It, Use It and Do It!

When I look at Solutions for Problems; from my perspective, it seems that I am being invited to focus on the Promise and not on the reality of what can really be deliver when measured over the medium to long term.

I liken these different Solutions to books. We have many different types of books and many different forms of books. However; there is a simple requirement for someone to be able to effectively use any book.

The first requirement is that they first need to understand and be familiar with the Alphabet. If you don’t understand and know how to use the Alphabet; you won’t understand how to link letters together to create words and be able to access the information and meaning of those words.

What I see with so many Solutions is lots of people and businesses trying to sell pretty looking and fantastic sounding books, Training, Consultancy and Courses; but who is actually focusing on teaching the Alphabet required to understand and use them?

Creating new books is easy. Creating great books is more difficult. However; to someone who doesn't understand the Alphabet and who cannot read; the use of either is limited.

The Human Algorithm® Project is helping people to learn a new Alphabet that they can use to see, understand and work with their Emotions, Psychology and Behaviors: Allowing them to access this hidden world that they live in but cannot fully engage with.

We are creating new tools, structures, systems and processes that help people to look into and understand the Genesis Points of their problems and use these to change and improve.

Our objective is to make The Human Algorithm® Pathway as versatile as Literacy and Numeracy. One way of doing this is that we made our System so that it can be used by children and adults. It can also be used with any other positive approach across Personal, Social, Work and Organisational structures.

This means that we can introduce a single method of measuring and recording things, which have, so far, been difficult or impossible to measure and record. For example: Talking therapies, Alternative Treatments, Etc.

So if you are a provider of Solutions to problems; ask yourself: Am I selling books to people who can’t read?

The next thing you should ask yourself is this: Should I be working with The Human Algorithm® Project?

A Growing User Base 

The user base for all our Exceptional Solutions are growing in number; and their problems, that we can fix, are becoming more difficult and complex. This creates more opportunities for us to introduce and work with our new Pathway.

To help us to develop we are looking for Sales & Marketing Associates. The Associates can help us to identify and inform potential users. Our clients can be businesses, organisations, insurance companies, medical professionals and individuals.

Please contact us for more details.

Children & Adults

Our plan was to create a new System, that could be used by both children and adults. For children it would be a good toolkit to have as part of the normal Education Process to increase their chances of succeeding in the world.

This Project can help children and adults, to learn and apply new skills related to understanding their own and other people's behaviours and actions in different situations and circumstances. And to provide Purpose and Direction through Applications designed for specific challenges.

Our Mind & Behaviour Development Platforms can be learned at any stage of life and the same Platform can be used by both children and adults. For example; Weight Control The Hi-Way™

We liken this process of understanding and using The Human Algorithm® to Literacy and Numeracy; when someone learns and practices these skills it opens new dimensions on life. Contact Us 

To speak to David about Application Development, Programmes, Joint Ventures, Consultancy, Licensing, Training, Public Speaking, Motivational Speaking and other services related to this work; please Contact Us.

All Users and Practitioners of The Human Algorithm® Pathway are registered and licensed users