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Developing Human Networks & Overcoming Global Barriers

The Hi Common Platform provides a universal way to help people to understand and work with any type of human activity and behaviour; in any circumstance or situation that involves people.

It does this by providing a Common Platform that allows people to create Networks of people that can all use and share the same tool kit and ideas. This creates a Human Network of Person to Person Engagement; rather than a computer network or an Internet platform; such as Linked In or facebook.

This Human Networking approach helps people in the Human Network who are using The Hi Common Platform with understanding, controlling, influencing, managing, changing and improving those human behaviours and activities; and allows them all to use the same tool kit and ideas to manage many different types of problems, challenges, issues and activities.

These human behaviours and activities can occur in personal, professional or organisational environments. It can be a single person experiencing problems, a group, a business or a large organisation. The Human Networking approach allows all these different levels to work with, use and share the same tool kit and ideas; and use the same processes to control and manage those problems.

The Hi Common Platform provides a truly flexible way to work with human behaviours and activities. It can be used as a stand-alone solution; or it can be used as an additional tool kit to support any other application and approach that works with human activities and behaviours. This creates the opportunity to use The Hi Common Platform in a very large number of different and beneficial ways.

The Hi Common Platform provides a bridge across different industries, trades and professions; that lets them Connect and Network using The Hi Common Platform tools and ideas.

To improve the usefulness of this solution facilitating process; it has been designed to cut across barriers that normally exist and which undermine effective solutions, such as; language, education, gender, culture, religion, experience, training, knowledge, etc.

Control your group dynamics with The Human Rosetta Stone and PALM Solutions

Need to work with and manage a team of people who are all doing different jobs?


No problem, each person can learn the same tools; and the Manager can control the group dynamics and problem dynamics with those tools.


Your people can then take this process and apply it to their personal lives. This helps them to improve their personal lives; and it helps to create better employees; and a better business as a result. Win-Win!


Our Company has been on the leading edge of innovation and the development of new types of solutions to problems which involve people; or which are created by people for many years. We are bridging divides that exist across human activities and behaviours; and across commercial and social issues.


We can create new Human Networks that can work together, co-operate, develop, grow and prosper. And we can help existing Human Networks to work together better. Want to join us?


With a global common platform you can communicate and be better understood in many different situations

Use the same tools to understand and work with any type of human activity and behaviour; wherever you are in the world; and whatever you are doing there.

As well as working with the World; you can use our tools to work on yourself.

Understand what really motivates and drives you to do great things; or not.

The Hi Common Platform is a global network solution that has been developed to provide a global platform that can be used in every country and with every human activity and behaviour. It helps to unlock the secrets and codes of human behaviours and activities so as to achieve more desirable outcomes in a measurable, predictable and repeatable way.

We encourage the development of Network thinking because we are all part of one or more Human Networks.

Whether we are in our personal, work or social environments, someone can use The Hi Common Platform to understand, improve and change their personal life, professional life and organisational activities.

Global corporations can benefit from having a single common platform that everyone can understand and use.

Global Corporations can have a single common platform that can be used in every business activity.

NGO's which work around the world can use the same tools to communicate quickly; and be clearly understood in disaster zones and places of conflict.

The tools can be shared quickly and easily with locals to develop the communications and achieve more desirable outcomes faster.

NGO's working in low tech environments? No problem; a pencil and a piece of paper is a high tech as you need to get in a crisis; and we can even do without that if we need too.

We want to create a Global Human Network of people who understand and use The Hi Common Platform. The more people who use it, the more connectivity there is and the more we can positively influence human activities and behaviours to produce more desirable outcomes.

Use The Human Rosetta Stone across your entire network.

Whatever the shape of your Human Network you can use The Human Algorithm® Project to work with the people, their activities and behaviours; and achieve more positive outcomes.

This is so flexible that you can use the same tool kit and apply it in different ways with different Human Networks and they will all understand what you mean.

What do you need to do that involves people?

Our solutions and tools are designed to work with people in any country in the World. 

To cope with this global dimension some of our Solutions are designed as Adaptable Strategic Solutions; this means that these can be used in different countries and adapted as required to meet any local requirements, For example; our approach to long term weight problems works with fundamental human behaviours and these exist in all countries where Obesity is a problem. However; America, England, Scotland and France are different countries where some elements of the problem architecture are different. To cope with this we identify the specific elements and tailor the solution for that country.

We can also develop new Adaptable Strategic Solutions for new applications and problem conduits; where the people involved can then use The Hi Common Platform to achieve more desirable outcomes.

Our Company focuses on Discoveries and Solutions that are designed to produce positive outcomes with human activities and human behaviour in personal, professional and organisational environments.

We can work with special projects and the development of tailored solutions to small and large scale human activities in any country. We can also undertake unusual engagements for different organisations and provide Consultancy in this area.

Increase efficiency, improve communications and develop more profitable networks.


Having to control a lot of different teams; doing different jobs; in different locations?

Your Human Network (the different teams) can all use the same tool kit; and you can control all the different teams and the individuals using the same tools.

How are you currently doing this?



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