Actualisation changes and improves lives.

Our research and experience showed us that many problems are caused and make worse by inaccurate and bad information. We see this with many Personal and Business problems across all areas.


Our solution to this wide spread problem was to create a new approach that we called The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform.



The Hi Common Platform has many different applications and uses. It can be used from the First World to the Third World and does not require that people have had a formal education to be able to use it effectively. This make it a great tool for many industries where simple and effective communications are required.



Personal challenges can be managed and improved with The Human Rosetta Stone

Need to work with Depression, Anxiety or problems like PTSD and Obesity?


Our solutions are designed to work with problem groups and with individual people with those problems.


They can be used as a stand alone solution or they can work alongside any other approach.


If we can strategically influence the problem structure; we can change it.


The Hi Common Platform provides a Universal Common Platform that can perform a variety of different task; that relates to and involves human behaviours and activities: For example; performance, management, development, improvement, co-operation, people engagement, achieving purpose and direction, achieving insights; and many other desirable outcomes for both personal and organisational structures.



The Human Rosetta Stone and PALM Solutions Applications works with Problem Pipelines



 Do you have to deal with Problem Conduits that involve human behaviours and activities?


Problem Conduits affect Countries, Communities, Public Services and Corporations.


The Human Algorithm® Project has been designed to work with; and attempt to strategically influence Problem Conduits in any area; from Medical, to Industry, to Public Services, to the Corporate world.


If we can influence a Problem Conduit the medium to long term benefits are huge.




We want to create a Global Network of people who understand and can use The Hi Common Platform. The more people who use it, the more connectivity there is and the more we can positively influence human behaviours and activities to produce more desirable outcomes that we can understand and replicate. The ongoing benefits and rewards from doing this are incalculable.


Work anywhere in the world and use The Human Rosetta Stone and PALM Solutions

Whether you're working in China, India, Germany, American or the UK; you can use and apply The Human Algorithm® tools and ideas to any Human Network.

Languages, education, knowledge and experience are just some of the barriers that can be overcome with The Human Algorithm® Project.


Personal, professional or business applications; no problem! Need to work across all of these; No problem!

The World if full of Networks of people that interact with each other. Use this to do it better.

Successful outcomes are achieved by apply The Hi Common Platform to help understand, manage, improve and record the work; and the journey to successful outcomes. As you might expect from a Global Networking Solution; we have simple tools that can do simple and hard task.

We can use our tools to Map any problem structure and solution structure. We can use this information to develop a library of problem profiles and solution profiles. This can be used to develop highly informative and valuable data bases; and Maps to deal with problems across Networks and within Networks.


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