Actualisation changes and improves lives.


David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

David J. Sheridan is an Expert in Actualisation. He created The Human Algorithm® Project, has authored a number of books, has a large amount of life and business experience and he uses that knowledge to influence problem structures and create new solutions.

When you look around the world we are not doing very well in many areas. My view was that we could do better!

My background involved solving problems in different areas, Building, Engineering, Business, Management and Therapy. I often had to innovate new solutions and find different ways of looking at and understanding problems; so as to find new solutions.

As I moved more into Human involved problems I realised that there was room for improvement. I spent a number of years working with an Alcohol clinical detox team and an Alcohol charity working with their clients. During this time I also set up my own Therapy clinic and began working with Weight, Obesity, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression and other issues.

I am a natural innovator and designer. So over time I began looking at the different treatments and approaches to solving and working with complex problems. I noticed that there were problem solving cultures which developed and created a format for understanding and working with different problem types. These cultures exist for personal, work, social and organisational problems.

The more I looked at and understood the cultures that were applied to problems, for example Weight and Obesity, the more I could see that often these cultures failed to understand the real architecture of the problem they were working with. This failure to properly understand leads to improper and ineffective solutions that can waste a lot of resources and ultimately not work.

This is easily seen in the increase in people with Weight problems, which includes children, and the increase in associated diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and morbidity and the future costs that these solution failures will have for Health, Welfare, Work and Social systems.

As I said earlier; I thought that we could do better!

I now provide Actualisation. Actualisation works with the actual architecture of problems. These problems just happen to be those which are increasing in scale and complexity. This includes Weight and food related problems, Depression, Stress, Anger, Existential Anxiety, PTSD and other conditions where the three pillars that support the problem include Emotions, Psychology and Behaviour Development.

Actualisation changes and improves lives.

We are doing something new here. Something that has not been done before.

I decided to take an Original view for understanding problems and solutions. So I began looking at the Patterns and Structures of Human Behaviours, Actions and Activities; and I began looking at them as Human Algorithm's®. Doing this helps me to see the real Architecture of different problems and new ways to understand and fix them. This gives me a new Perspective to apply to the problem and to the solution that the problem really requires.

For example: The traditional solution to weight problems is to diet. However dieting has an appalling success record for dealing with weight problems; as these are really hybrid problems. The problems are created and maintained by the 3 pillars of Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development that creates the foundation for weight problems and which maintains them. The weight problem comes out of this. Its the product or symptom and not the cause.

Current theory in many areas is that if you deal with the symptom; then it can have a catalytic effect and change that which created the symptom. In reality, when it comes to complex problems, this simply does not work over the medium to long term. Short term it may ease the problem but then it comes back.

My approach was to create a way of being able to visually see and work with the Architecture of the weight problem and to see how we can influence this to change. By changing this we change what it produces. Be introducing the skill of weight control, rather then dieting, we also help the person to learn new skills related to Personal Development and Management.

Applying a new solution format means that we can increase the probability of achieving successful outcomes and changing the nature of problems. This applies to weight problems but it also applies to other hybrid problems such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other life debilitating problems.

I have focused on 4 areas that flow across Personal, Work, Social, Business and Organisational structures and which also flow across all areas of Industry and Commerce. This means that we can apply this work with Humans and the activities that Humans are involved with. I did this because personal problems, issues and challenges always end up in the workspace and influence how they operate and perform.

The 4 areas that my work and expertise covers are:

1. Personal Development working with challenging Hybrid problems.

2. Business & Management Consultancy working with Business Dynamics.

3. Unconventional Training introducing new subjects others avoid.

4. Exceptional Solutions. Bespoke alternative solutions for challenging problems.

I have also designed this so that Knowledge, Skills and Expertise gained in one area is able to flow into the other areas to continually improve what I do.

If you would like to speak to me about helping with a problem please call me direct: 07787 503646

What are Human Algorithm's® and Why Are They So Important 

Computers use Algorithm's to undertake different task. From controlling traffic lights to flying airplanes, computer algorithms come together and they combine together to manage and complete task.

People often view themselves as unique and too complicated to understand. In reality people are not.

To provide people with a new way to understand and work with the range of problems, issues and challenges that they face; I began looking at how Human Algorithm's® were actually being created through the Patterns and Structures of their Behaviours, Activities and Actions.

When you can see the Human Algorithm's®; you can see how they combine to create the Architecture of problems. This process gives us a new way to understand and work with complex and difficult problems. For example; Weight, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Frustration are all made up from Human Algorithm's® which combine together to create the problem.

Just like computer algorithm's, The Human Algorithm's® come together to complete a task. In these instances the task leads to the creation and maintenance of the problem. So what we want to do is to influence and change how The Human Algorithm's® are understood and use that understanding to change them. By changing them we influence and change the task that they perform and as a result; we change the problem into a solution.

This gives us a new way to look at the architecture of problems and a new way to understand how solutions to those problems need to be designed to be more effective. When this is done properly we can then begin to work with problems such as Weight and Obesity in new ways.

Human Algorithm's® also form part of our Business, Organisational, Social, Health and Welfare Structures. If we can see how; then we can improve these as well.

Another way to think of this is that The Human Algorithm's® allow us to see the DNA of human involved problems and the DNA of the solutions to fix those problems. This is a really powerful thing as it gives us an innovative new approach that we can use for established problems that are proving difficult to change.

Taking this approach to the 4 areas means that we can be more effective, more efficient, more focused and we can focus on achieving sustainable long term outcomes.

How The Human Algorithm® Project is Taking a Different Approach

When we look at the architecture of our difficult and complex problems we see that they are Hybrid problems. Hybrid problems are more complex and usually involve a combination of Physical and Mental issues that combine to create the problem.

In my work with The Human Algorithm® Project, I have focused on Hybrid problems because if we can deal with complex problem; we can also deal with simpler problems.

What all of these Hybrid problems have in common is that they are all heavily influenced by Emotions/Feelings, Psychology, Behaviour Development; and the Symptoms that the problems cause are shown and experienced physically; for example Depression, Weight problems, Anorexia and Stress.

Because symptoms are seen and felt physically, treatments often focus on alleviating the physical symptoms and they leave the Mental Health aspects. This creates a bias in treatments towards Physical Treatments where progress in treatments is easier to measure and produce. For example; Weight problems are dealt with by dieting (Physical) and not by Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development working in conjunction with the weight problem. As a result Weight problems and the issues that go along with them, such as type 2 Diabetes, are on the increase.

Our new approach has been developed to work with Hybrid Problems and includes working with the Emotional, Psychological, Behaviour Development and the Physical aspects of the problem to provide a more holistic solution that works with both Physical and Mental Health.

You can think of this application of our work as Engineered Mental Health Solutions for Hybrid Problems.

The work of The Human Algorithm® Project applies across Personal, Work, Social, Business and Organisational structures.

Our work often involves a combination of Consultancy, Personal Development, Mentoring, Training, Coaching, Teaching and Performance Improvement in difficult and challenging situations.

David Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave winner of 5 Olympic gold medals.

David Sheridan meets Sir Steve Redgrave winner of 5 Olympic gold medals

Our Books  

In the process of creating this project Mr David J. Sheridan has written a number of books related to the work of The Human Algorithm® Project and material from these books is used with our work, at our Clinic and in our Programmes.

The book titles include the following 6 titles which are available from Amazon:

Self Esteem for Imperfect People

The Perfect Life Diet for Imperfect People with Weight Problems

An Introduction to The Human Dynamics Matrix

Weight Control The Hi-Way

Inspire & Motivate Yourself to Achieve Something Positive!

From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps

To read more about my work with Weight Problems, Obesity, Anorexia and Bulimia; please Click Here!

New and Innovative Thinking For Personal Development, Health & Welfare

As Albert Einstein said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them. This is true and when people apply the same thinking you end up with the same solutions. I wanted to Think Differently so I took a different approach. My questions were:

  • How do we develop a new solutions platform for problems that are severely debilitating and impacting people's lives. Focusing on the major problem groups of Weight Problems, Obesity Issues, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Addictions.
  • How do we create a new Solution format for problems that involve Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development that can be used by children and adults to improve and change behaviours and provide a platform for Lifestyle Development.
  • How do we create a new way to understand, measure and work with any problem, issue or challenge that involves Human Behaviours, Activities and Actions; with the objective of providing a new Common Platform that can work collaboratively with other positive approaches to increase the effectiveness of solutions.
  • People "Feel" unknown, unknowns and Unmet Needs through unwanted behaviours, actions and activities that they engage in; how do we help people to identify them and work with them in a format that is measurable, repeatable and predictable.
To read more about the work that I am doing in my clinic Click Here!

For Businesses & Organisations 

  • How can we better understanding the different Cultures (Paradigms) that develop within Business & Organisational Structures and how they influence key areas like; Growth, Profitability, Productivity, Customer Service, Staff Turnover and Staff Retention. Using that understanding how can we then influence and change them.
  • How can we better understand how people are "Made" more and less effective by Business & Organisational Structures and how we can make them more effective by strategically influencing those structures.
  • How can we improve Training to increase "Sticky Learning" and increase the Longevity benefits and the value of Training.
  • How can we help to find the "Unknown, Unknown" and the "Unmet Need" that Businesses and Organisations "Feel" but cannot clarify or identify.

To see the solutions that we have created for these challenges please click this link.

Getting The Problem and Solution Dynamics Right with The Human Algorithm® Project

My focus has been to understand how problems work; through understanding the Architecture of problems; through understanding the Patterns and Structures of the Human Behaviours, Actions and Activities that have come together to create the Problem Architecture. This then gives us an Architecture that we can test for veracity and use to create better matching solutions. 

To be able to examine the Patterns and Structures of Human Behaviours in different situations I created new processes, tools, systems and structures. When these are used it is like introducing Investors In People ( IIP) and ISO Standards into a business lacking in systems and structures; it can have a large impact on performance and the results that are achieved. 

In the same way that Investors in People (IIP) and ISO Standards helps people to see and understand problems in business environments; through achieving a better understanding of the Business system and how the people relate to that system. Our Solutions help with understanding and improving People centered problems that span Personal, Work, Social and Organisational structures. 

The Investors In People (IIP); ISO Standards and The Human Algorithm® Pathway are complimentary in the work environment. The Human Algorithm® Approach can enhance the capability of IIP and ISO standards and bring another level of capability for working with Human Behaviours. 

Can We Help You?

Through my Company; Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd and The Human Algorithm® Project I can provide Sticky Solutions, Training and Consultancy for a wide variety of problems, issues and challenges. Please contact me to have a chat about your needs. I also take on Projects and can participate in the development of new approaches and solutions. Phone David J. Sheridan (44) 07787 503646

Developing Better people with Genesis Programmes

We have developed Genesis Programmes to deal with problems that occur in someone's Personal life and for problems that can cross over into the Work environment.

In reality, work and home life become interwoven when difficult and life debilitating conditions occur. Stress at home can be released in the work environment and vice versa.

It is when challenging and difficult conditions have existed for some time that problems such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and an ongoing inability to cope with home and work challenges come to the fore and become visible to others.

For Business owners and Managers this may mean that they simply cannot manage to deal with many of the day to day demands that they face; this can put the Business at risk and affect areas such as profitability and productivity.

For Professionals this can severely impact their performance. Depending upon their status and their employer; they may face being managed out of the business. We can provide an alternative to managing an employee out of the business, who was previously an asset to the business; by helping them to deal with these problems in an effective way.

Most of the people who contact us about using a Genesis Programme are Individuals who want to address a problem or mixture of problems that are out of control and affecting different areas of their lives.

Genesis Programmes enable us to deliver a package which includes Consultancy, Personal Development, Mentoring, Training, Coaching, Teaching and Performance Improvement all focused on a particular problem type. For example; Stress, Anxiety, Obesity.

In all cases we provide a Tailored Solution that can be delivered in the work place, off-site or at an agreed location that is suitable for this purpose. If you would like our help please call: Mr David J. Sheridan on (44) 07787 503646

To read more about Genesis Programmes please click this link.

Solutions for Businesses and Organisations

Business & Management Consultancy

What interest Business owners, Shareholders, Executives, Directors and Managers is Profit, Turnover, Growth, Productivity, Quality, Managing costs, Staff turnover and having their Business run as smoothly as possible.

To achieve this People, Structures, Processes, Systems, Cultures, Activities and Actions combine together to pursue the Business objectives.

Because there are so many different components; things go wrong. The deep seated problems will produce Symptoms that affect the running and operation of the Business. It can be difficult to identify and then resolve both the Symptom and the Cause of the problem. This is where we can help!

Our Consultancy for Business Dynamics is designed to help the Business to identify and resolve issues that can be deep seated and complex to deal with; the unknown, unknown and the unmet need.

Issues that affect Profit, Turnover, Growth, Productivity, Quality, Managing costs, Staff turnover and the smooth running of the Business can be addressed and worked with. Contact Us to discuss any issues of concern.

Unconventional Training & Experiential Workshops

Our Training and Workshops are focused on helping Businesses and Organisations.

Our business ethos is: Not to float along on the tide; but to swim against the tide and look at what is under the water as well as what's on top of it.

We bring this approach to Training & Workshops. Anyone can deliver the Conventional Training where you tick a box and there is little real lasting benefits. Few can develop and provide Unconventional Training that has stickability.

We Tailor our Training and Experiential Workshops to our clients needs and we can design and provide Training for new subjects as required. Here are examples: 

Problem Simplification 

What is Problem Simplification and How do you do it? This is the simple focus of this Training. We prefer to work with active issues for the Business as this can produce additional benefits that can produce immediate results for the Business.

Chaos Management 

Many environments; personal, social, home and work are often and ongoingly Chaotic. Learn how to pick apart Chaos and to see the real patterns of Chaos for what they are: A set of circumstances showing you real problems, issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Learn not to fear Chaos but to recognise it and use it.

We prefer to work with active issues for the Business as this can produce additional benefits that can produce immediate results for the Business.

Being Resilient 

Emotional Resilience is a current hot topic. We find that few people really understand what Emotional Resilience is and few have been put into situations and circumstances where they have had to develop Emotional, Psychological and Physical Resilience. You don't learn this stuff from books but from the very hard knocks of personal and business experiences which if you can't survive them will destroy you.

We take all of our lessons from the school of hard knocks and use this to create a real understanding of Resilience and how this can be developed over time.

At times additional support and ongoing Experiential Learning is required. This is due to the nature of the challenges and the reality of the time scale and effort required to deal with them properly. Where this is the case we can provide a package of ongoing support.

Other Subjects

We can provide Training and Workshops on other subjects on request.

Our focus is on delivering "Sticky Learning" and we use our work with The Human Algorithm® Project, Alcohol Addiction, Business Consultancy, working with Life debilitating problems, Problem Solving & Management and Martial Arts to inform our Training methods and material used.

To read more about Training & Experiential Workshops please click this link or call direct on 07787 503646

We are happy to have a no obligation chat with you about any Personal, Professional or Business issue. Please contact Mr David J. Sheridan on 07787 503646 or contact us using our Contact Details.


Our work can be Licensed. We can provide Professional Training and Licensing. We can provide Genesis Programmes under License and we can provide Training, Ongoing Management, Quality Control and End User Programmes, Training and Consultancy. We are happy to consider Join Venture proposals and to run programmes and provide these services in other countries. Contact Us


 We have written books about our work and its applications. We have also written lots of other material.

To read more about The Human Algorithm® Project please click this link

To read about our Exceptional Solutions please click this link:

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